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Dolly’s Bar &Restaurant

Dolly’s Bar and Restaurant in the Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel is a hidden gastronomic experience that highlights not only your stay but your entire Andros holiday.

In a chic Art Nouveau space, immersed in the aristocratic grandeur of Micra Anglia and with discreet touches of the Cycladic bravado, you will discover the tastes of the Aegean that will enchant all your senses.

Dishes inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Andros, the Cyclades and Italy made with only fresh ingredients, together with an impressive wine selection, divine cocktails and Dolly’s passion for titillating tastes will sweep you off your feet and submerge you into the wondrous world of culinary indulgence, the world of mouth-watering sensations; the world of Dolly’s Bar and Restaurant, in the Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel!

The Cellar

Just like in most mansions of affluent 19th century businessmen and aristocrats, the Micra Anglia estate features a carefully designed space to protect the house wine from any external harm.

The wine cellar of the Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel is the original cellar of the mansion, a century old basement vault that preserves the proper amount of darkness and the appropriate temperature for the hotel’s extensive wine selection to remain in tip-top shape.

The Micra Anglia wine cellar shelters in its crepuscule a selection of over 75 of the most acclaimed Greek wine labels, ready to complement your meals with their delicious flavours and intoxicating spirits.

The Garden

The garden of the Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel is a spot of calmness and tranquility surrounded by meticulous greenery and the nostalgic allure so characteristic of the entire compound.

Enjoy your breakfast or a revitalizing cup of coffee immersed in the morning dew and the fresh, invigorating fragrances of herbs and flowers.

Relax and rejoice in the most romantic garden of the Andros’ Chora, a spot beloved by visitors and locals alike, who love to pop in as a getaway from the daily hassle and enjoy a refreshing beverage or a light snack.

The Micra Anglia Café in the garden of the hotel is open from 11:00 till 19:00, whilst from 11:30 to 18:00 snacks and light Mediterranean dishes from our hearty menu.

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