– Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel is a very classy, 19th century estate in Andros island.

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Andros is a majestic island. You can realize this by the very moment you set foot on Chora. Shipowners’ mansions excite your attention and transport you into another era. The one of romanticism.  I was very lucky in this trip because I stayed in a boutique hotel, one of the best of the island, which wasn’t an ordinary hotel.




In Andros Chora, a magnificent, neoclassical villa has been transformed into a little paradise for escapes, a romantic hideaway which reminds you of a glorious era of noble elegance. Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia is an authentic experience of romanticism and nostalgia, fully harmonized with the modern comforts and enjoyments of today, in an impressive villa of both historical and aesthetic importance.




Atmospheric, aristocratic and nostalgic, the 5 stars Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia is an architectural masterpiece, already a landmark of the town. During my two days of staying there, I  became one with the island’s rich history and I felt like I was in a dreamy movie scene.




On the first day, by the moment I arrived, the smiling girls at the reception offered me the welcome drink which was none other but homemade lemonade.




Looking at the place, I really felt that I had been transported with the time machine into the 19th century era. What made the difference was the decoration.

When I was settled in my room, I wanted to be guided through the other areas of the hotel and through some other rooms which were all, of course, harmonized with the 19th century era atmosphere.


Glass swimming pool!




I have been in many hotel swimming pools. Micra Anglia’s swimming pool differs. It is made of glass and when you swim your body shows up through it. So, what can be better than diving to it’s see – through bottom and enjoy a cocktail?












The Restaurant & Bar Dolly’s at Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia is a gastronomic experience which is going to lift off not only your stay but your entire vacation in Andros as well. It’s not a coincidence that the customers are not only those who stay in the hotel.




In a classy place where Micra Anglia’s aristocratic magnificence dominates with discreet, Cycladic details, you will discover the Aegean tastes which will enchant all your senses.  Dishes inspired from the rich, gastronomic inheritance of Andros, the Cyclades and the Mediterranean as well, prepared only with completely fresh ingredients, the divine cocktails and the passion for authentic tastes, will transport you into a magical world of culinary pleasure, a world of exciting sensations, the world of Dolly’s Restaurant at the Boutique Hotel Micra Anglia!




I myself during the two nights I stayed there, tasted the excellent chef’s dishes – best of them the spaghetti with urchins!












Breakfast with home tastes




Both days I had an alarm set at 8:00 so that I wake up early and enjoy in peace the marvellous breakfast of the hotel. From fried eggs, omelette and scrabbled eggs, to homemade chocolate cakes, beverages, season fruits, yogurts, homemade marmalades and honey, merenda, french toast, small croissants, rice pudding, oatmeal cream, chocolate cream, Andros cheeses and cold cuts and so many others that do not come in my mind!


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The tastes? One is better than the other! Whether you want to believe it or not, the specific breakfast kept me full until the evening.…