The Olive Harvest in Andros island

The precious olive oil is perhaps one of the most important natural products of Greece, and Andros holds its part when it comes to olive cultivation. The rough, almost impenetrable ground of Andros is perfect for the seasoned olive trees, and the olive oil produced here is of the highest quality.



Traditionally, the olive harvest in Andros island even though it hard and demanding labour, was a time for joy and celebration; the entire family participated in the harvest, which could last for many days. The olive harvesting procedure in itself is rather hard; to begin with, large nets are placed beneath each tree, to catch the olives falling from the tree.

Then the strongest men use large sticks to hit the branches and make the olives drop on the nets, from where they would be separated from the leaves and branches and they would be gathered in large wicker baskets. In older times, when trucks and cars were not readily available, donkeys and mules carried the baskets filled with this natural treasure to the mill press, where the amber olive oil was extracted.





For the extraction, olives were placed in a traditional stone press called “vida” that pressed and mushed them for the ultra-nutritious olive oil to be extracted. You can actually visit a traditional, fully functional olive mill of Andros that has been turned into the Olive Museum in Pitrofos, where you can catch a glimpse of the oil production of yesteryear and learn all about this outstanding element of nutrition, the base of the world-renowned Mediterranean Diet.





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