5 reasons to book your summer 2018 holidays in Andros island now!

As we all know, the most anticipateded time of our year is the summer holidays. We spend a lot of time discussing, thinking, dreaming of the up and coming summer, almost daily,  so that makes it the most important event of every year. Early birds know for sure that the soonest they arrange their details for the holidays the better! Let’s count the 5 reasons to book your summer 2018 holidays in Andros island now!

1.       The first and a quite important reason is that the earliest you book the most likely is to take advantage of early booking offers and benefits that will save your money to spend it as you like.

2.       You will definitely find the exact room or suite type where you want to spend your holidays in. You won’t have to compromise and take any room left available but the one you want. Check out the rooms and suites of Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel at www.micra-anglia.gr.

3.       You can then plan the rest of the activities that you can enjoy in Andros island. You will have plenty of time to arrange tours, excursions, activities and sailing experiences to discover the even more beautiful corners of Andros island.

4.       You can also check important dates for events and celebrations in Andros island and arrange your visit around important religious feasts or cultural events. As you probably know, Andros is main art lovers destination in the Aegean Sea island thanks to the important museums that you will find around the island.

5.       You will manage to make the most out of your holidays in Andros island. Book in Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel and arrange with the assistance of our concierge department all the details for your gastronomic quests, transfers, rentals and everything you might need, so when the time comes, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

These are the main 5 reasons to book your summer 2018 holidays in Andros island now and take a look at the offers of Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel for early bookings. Do not let the time fly, book now at www.micra-anglia.gr and start dreaming of a great summer to come!